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Network infrastructure

server infrastucture

Server infrastructure.

As companies grow, so does their need for IT infrastructure services. With today’s advanced technologies, equipment choices and software options require specialised knowledge,  particularly in medium-large businesses and organizations.

Even if you have all of the most cutting-edge technologies implemented, it doesn’t mean everything is integrating properly or efficiently. Other times oversights can occur within configurations, which can result in loss of critical data, security breaches, costly inefficiencies and low productivity.

Storage solutions.

Small and medium business storage solutions must be able to store and provide immediate access to multiple file types such as documents, email, images and more.

All of these files need to be backed up, secure, and accessible at different levels of authorization to multiple employees using multiple devices.

storage solutions
site to site vpn

Network setup.

Before ordering hardware, you need to think about how to design your network. 

These days nearly every function of a business is underpinned by IT systems. This makes selecting your business network setup a vital decision that can greatly affect your efficiency.

Even the fastest, most secure network will crumble if placed within a poorly thought-out infrastructure. The needs of a well thought out network design include a practical map of the network itself and the number and specific locations of all networking devices (such as modems, routers, and servers).